My favourite color

Everyone has one color that is his favourite, mine is red. I love using that on my paintings – almost all of my art has red color – even if that is just a line or a dot. I think that it is the best color to make a painting more interesting and it works with all other colors – that's my opinion.

My greatest work is a painting with geometric figures – all of them are black and white and I added just a few red dots – it's amazing! Everyone who saw that painting is delighted. I think that it will be my favourite painting in my new home. I can't wait to see my living room with my own piece of art.



I know that some people think that red is too aggressive, but I really like that color – maybe that's why I really love having red lips almost every day :) It's my must-have. Who knows, maybe in the future that red dots will be just like my signature and when you see a painting with that mark, you'll know that it's mine. Maybe someday, someone will have my painting in his home – it would be really great :)