My first steps at art school

Since I was a little girl I really liked drawing different pictures. They weren't too pretty but it was the only thing that kept me calm. I was drawing for hours and my parents were always telling me that someday I will become a great artist, and my whole family was buying my paintings.




When I grew up a little, my work was getting much better, so in high school I realized that this may be my future. So after my exams, I chose art school. And I have to admit – I wasn't the best student at the beginning, there were much better people than me. Their paintings were incredible, but I knew that it is my biggest dream, so I was practicing all the time. I was spending my free evenings at my room trying to get better and better – and You know what? It worked!


Now I am preparing for my exams, so I'm spending so much time on my work and I hope when I pass I will have some time for my holidays and I will have some rest before I will start my job. I really care about getting that diploma so wish me luck!